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Akshay Raghavendra
Senior Technical Specialist, HCLSoftware
Akshay is a technologist at heart who specializes in bringing pioneering technology at play and is committed to building the next million user product at HCLSoftware.
Posts by Akshay Raghavendra
Secure DevOps | April 29, 2022
Installing VersionVault Express on AWS
Explore the working instance of VersionVault Explorer on AWS with valid credentials and permission to EC2 and S3 on an admin level.
Secure DevOps | August 14, 2020
Remote Agile & The True North
This blog talks about HCL Compass builds in a structured set of customizable processes that can help developers and non-tech stakeholders alike to dwell into the project and gather the information that interests them all the while working on the same set of dashboards and views.
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