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Akshata Betageri
Developer, Lab Services, HCL ZIE
Akshata Betageri is a Developer at HCLSoftware. With over 4 years of experience, she has strong knowledge of AS400 Technical,JDE ERP and Java based applications.She is currently involved in development of HCL ZIE products as part of Mainframe Lab Services Team.
Posts by Akshata Betageri
Mainframes | October 14, 2020
HCL ZIE for Web Hardware and Software Pre-requisites
Z and I Emulator for Web is installed on a Web server, simplifying administrative management and deployment, and the Z and I Emulator for Web applet or application.
Mainframes | September 17, 2020
Organizing Web Application Deployment in HCL ZIETrans
HCL ZIETrans allows you to transform your user experience by extending 3270 and 5250 terminal applications to the web, portlet, rich client etc.
Mainframes | September 17, 2020
HCL ZIE for Windows Hardware and Software Pre-requisites
HCL ZIE for Windows, a native Windows 64-bit application is a proven emulator solution that supports 3270 and 5250 systems adhering to the latest security standards.
Mainframes | August 19, 2020
HCL ZIE for Transformation Hardware and Software Pre-requisites
ZIE for Transformation an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) for your 3270 applications running on IBM System z platforms.
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