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Adam Skwersky
Senior Software Engineer HCL Compass
Posts by Adam Skwersky
Secure DevOps | April 29, 2021
Getting Compass Single Sign-On Working with Okta
The development team has greatly simplified the SSO setup with a utility script. This script makes easy work of setting up the Compass side of things.
Secure DevOps | January 26, 2021
Introducing Work Items in HCL Compass EssentialSAFe
EssentialSAFe schema has three work items available to scope, plan, and implement wonderful experiences in your solutions. They have the Feature, Story, and Task.
Secure DevOps | January 8, 2021
Introducing an Essential SAFe® Schema and Package for HCL Compass 2.0.1
HCL Compass 2.0.1 now ships a new schema and package called EssentialSAFe. Read more to take help your team follows essential SAFe practices.
Secure DevOps | September 22, 2020
Compass Supports Single Sign-On
DevOps products are integrating it is becoming even more critical to have a centralized identity management solution. Learn more.
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