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Adam Cave
Product Marketing Manager, HCL AppScan
Adam Cave is a successful marketing professional, writer, content creator, and graphic designer. He has a broad array of experience in the fields of application security, book and magazine publishing, teaching, public speaking, and fine art.
Posts by Adam Cave
Secure DevOps | June 8, 2023
Interview: HCL AppScan 360º and Trends in Application Security
Dario Debarbieri, Vice President and Head of Marketing, sat down with HCLSoftware Executive Vice President Rajesh Iyer for a wide-ranging discussion on trends in application security and why he is so excited about the role that HCL AppScan 360º will play in the future.
Secure DevOps | June 8, 2023
HCL AppScan 360º puts the power of choice in your hands
HCLSoftware proudly announces the release of a new, on-prem, and self-managed unified cloud-native application security software platform: HCL AppScan 360º.
Secure DevOps | April 6, 2023
HCL AppScan Standard Reinvents the Configuration UI in Version 10.2.0
Chek out what's new with AppScan Standard, a DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) tool designed for security experts and pen-testers that automatically crawls target applications and APIs and tests them for vulnerabilities.
Automation | February 23, 2023
Key Findings from Recent Application Security Testing Trends Report
The recently published 2022 Application Security Testing Trends Report has generated a lot of interest in the application security community.
Automation | January 12, 2023
New Report From HCL AppScan Shines Light on Security Challenges
The 2022 Application Security Testing Trends Report compiles and analyses the survey responses and provides many useful insights from concerns over speed and cost to which specific testing technologies are most used today.
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