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Marketing & Commerce | March 1, 2022
Why Your Product Recommendations Aren’t Working
Recommending that right product at the right time to all your customers can make a huge difference to your bottom line. read this blog to learn more about how HCL Commerce helps companies ‘sell more’.
Marketing & Commerce | January 26, 2022
E-Commerce in the Metaverse
The inevitable improvements in VR tech will pave the way for all of mankind to fundamentally change the way we interact with each other. Read the blog to know more details.
Cloud Native | August 9, 2021
Software Delivery has just Grown Up
When’s the last time you or your operations team were able to deploy an entire, fully functional, enterprise-grade suite of applications for your organization to tryout within one day?* * Sometimes actually less than an hour. AND you need zero technical knowledge, cost or commitment, but instead you can just kick back with a glass of whatever and watch your entire Kubernetes cluster spin up in front of your eyes within hours, AND there’s a cloud native container orchestration app that you can visually monitor the health of all your nodes with Grafana charts, and its completely free for any customer of any product in said suite? Yeah, me neither! Not until I had the honor to spend the last year and a half working with the HCL Solutions Factory team here at HCL Software. What this team has done for our solution delivery capability is almost too difficult to draw a comparison to. It is truly a paradigm shift for cloud native software delivery. In this article, I will introduce you to what we have been cooking up for the last five years and how it will radically improve your competitive footing. Our incredibly talented team of modernization experts have gone all-in on cloud native tech to bring the world SoFy, the HCL Solutions Factory. Think of SoFy as the Netflix of enterprise software. First and foremost, it is an incredibly friendly catalog of all the HCL Software titles – pre-containerized and ready to deploy to public cloud sandboxes in literal minutes. What once took weeks with expensive experts, can now be done by the most non-technical users on their phone while sitting in Starbucks. It's seriously that easy. If that was all SoFy was, it would still be a game-changer, but we didn't stop there! The SoFy team...
Marketing & Commerce | May 18, 2021
Does your commerce platform support your sales and business models?
Managing the implementation and long-term ownership of multiple solutions to support each model would be a maintenance nightmare! Instead, select a platform that supports all these models out of the box and position your business for future expansion.
Marketing & Commerce | March 5, 2021
Five Timeless Principles to Content Marketing Mastery
Content marketing has always been a mixed bag of art and science. We see the evidence of artistry across the breadth of our digital and analog landscape in masterful storytelling, catchy jingles and unbelievable visual creatives.
Marketing & Commerce | July 1, 2020
Goodbye SOLR, Hello ElasticSearch!
HCL Commerce team new approach towards Elasticsearch and depth on the newest HCL Search capabilities!
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