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Aaron Pickrell
Senior Product Manager
Posts by Aaron Pickrell
Marketing & Commerce | February 7, 2023
The Benefits of Headless Commerce: The Era of Selling Online
Traditional e-commerce platforms revolutionized the way companies sold products and services a few decades ago.
Marketing & Commerce | March 1, 2022
Why Your Product Recommendations Aren’t Working
Understand why you need to get more sales and how HCL Commerce helps companies sell more and analyze audiences.
Marketing & Commerce | January 26, 2022
E-Commerce in the Metaverse
Learn and understand how you can start e-commerce in Metaverse. Schedule a consultation with one of HCL Commerce SMEs to know more.
Cloud Native | August 9, 2021
Software Delivery has just Grown Up
HCL's incredibly talented team of modernization experts has gone all-in on cloud native tech to bring the world SoFy, the HCL Solutions Factory.
Marketing & Commerce | May 18, 2021
Does your commerce platform support your sales and business models?
When choosing to partner with an eCommerce platform provider, you need to check that it provides the most flexibility from a business model and channel support perspective.
Marketing & Commerce | March 5, 2021
Five Timeless Principles to Content Marketing Mastery
Content marketing has always been a mixed bag of art and science. We know a healthy brand awareness along a seemingly mystical form of psychological osmosis.
Marketing & Commerce | February 9, 2021
Finding Friction in the Shopping Funnel with HCL Discover
HCL Unica Discover was designed to detect and address user struggles in real-time with rich behavioral insights to provide visibility. Read more.
Marketing & Commerce | July 1, 2020
Goodbye SOLR, Hello ElasticSearch!
HCL Commerce team new approach towards Elasticsearch and depth on the newest HCL Search capabilities!
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