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This past fall, HCLSoftware sent a survey to more than 44,000 professionals around the world. The goal was to gain a greater understanding of the application security testing technology and procedures that are being implemented today, and what operational challenges companies face as they develop more robust application solutions.

The resulting 2022 Application Security Testing Trends Report compiles and analyses the survey responses and provides many useful insights from concerns over speed and cost to which specific testing technologies are most used today.


Over a quarter of all respondents cited a lack of resources as the single biggest challenge to their programs. Stakeholder communication is another apparent challenge as demonstrated by 90% of developers expressing satisfaction with remediation times, and 100% of CISCOs disagreeing on this completely.

The responses also shed light on the direction that companies intend to move towards in the years to come. One clear indication of this can be seen in how IAST (Interactive Application Security Testing) is being underused today but is on everyone’s wish list moving forward.

Download the full report for a more complete picture of application security testing today. Visit www.hcltechsw.com/AppScan for more information or sign up for a free trial today.

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