AppScan standard has been a market-leading DAST solution for the last 20 years with evolving capabilities throughout the years. 

For the past two years, our team has worked tirelessly to reimagine HCL AppScan standard and to present a whole new user experience with the same exceptional DAST scanning engine —starting from a brand-new look, including dark mode, improved workflow, better guidance and easier self-troubleshooting.

After releasing the tech preview in November 2021, we got a lot of great feedback and wanted to continue listening and improving the product. Here’s some of what you’ll be able to see in the new AppScan Standard: 

New Home Screen Experience 

From the new welcome screen, you’ll be able to:  

  • Start a new scan 
  • Continue with previously saved work 
  • Include wizards’ option of starting a scan with full configuration 
  • Open scan demos 
  • Access recent scans and templets 
  • Pin frequently used templates 

 Quick Scan Assessment 

The new dashboard gathers essential scan information: 

  • General details of the scan 
  • Issues segmentation according to severity 
  • A summary of explored data 
  • Scan health 

Scan Flow Indications 

The scan status is a new feature that provides guidance throughout your work together with scan actions that change according to the different scan phases. The scan status enhances transparency by providing insights into what’s happening under the hood. It also allows you to recall previous actions and to quickly understand what’s your next actions. 

Easier Troubleshoot 

When something goes wrong with the scan – it’s important you get the most information about it. For that purpose we’ve added: 

  • Messages informing you that the scan failed 
  • A New embedded and clean scan log that you can see during the scan or afterwards, together with the rest of the scan information. The new scan log allows you to filter out scan errors for troubleshooting
  • Scan errors showing up in the dashboard to show you in a glance if there was something that requires your attention

Multiple Actions at Once 

Saving you time while triaging — in just one click you can perform any action on several issues — from changing status, to exporting scan results to a CSV file, or even create a report.

For more information about dark mode, navigation, and better issue analysis check out our previous blog post.

What’s Next 

Improving AppScan Standard is a continuous journey, and we’re working to update and enhance more functionalities in the product.

Improved Configuration View  

Experience a new way to utilize your DAST configurations to their fullest extent. AppScan Standard’s new configuration view will provide the option to search for items, allow new grouping for enhanced navigation and provide configuration history that will display changes made from the original configuration file. 

Finally, we’re offering an opportunity for all our customers to have an impact on our design and share ideas and feedback on the product with us. If you’d like to be a part of this, feel free to contact us 

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