A 151% return on investment?

That is a number that any business leader should take seriously.

According to a recent Forrester Total Economic Impact® Report, that ROI equaled close to $2 million, over three years, for one company that switched to HCL AppScan to handle all their Application Security Testing needs.

Prior to purchasing HCL AppScan, a large Brazilian financial institution was testing manually for all security vulnerabilities with the help of third-part vendors. This had proven to be a resource-intensive process where issues could take as much as 120 hours (five days) per application to fix.

HCL AppScan automated the process with its suite of security testing technologies (DAST, SAST, IAST and SCA), machine learning, and an easy onboarding tool.

There are some impressive, quantified benefits amongst the key findings in the report. The interviewed company demonstrated both significant improvements in security assessment productivity and avoided extensive legacy application security solution costs.

Additional key findings include:

    • reduced risk in application portfolio
    • reduced costs of remediating flaws and vulnerabilities
    • enhanced reporting insights
    • improved visibility into security vulnerability
    • adhered to regulatory requirements

Are you looking for these kinds of results with your own security testing needs? Download the Forrester report and see how your own case compares, and whether the fast, accurate, and agile application testing solutions offered by HCL AppScan are right for you.


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