These are exciting times for HCL AppScan, and you may have already heard about our AppScan V10 release that was announced on March 17th.

Since we continue to receive inquiries from our customers asking to learn more about AppScan V10 and how they can effectively transition to AppScan V10, we thought it was the perfect time to share some of our new resources with you.

AppScan V10: Fast, Accurate, Agile Security Testing 

To help facilitate your transition to AppScan V10, we’ve posted the following highly-recommended resources that help you to get to know AppScan V10 even better:

  • AppScan V10: Fast, Accurate, Agile Security Testing: This blog posting by Eitan Worcel, AppScan Product Manager Lead, announces V10 and spotlights some of the enhancements it delivers.
  • Our “What’s New” AppScan solution pages provide details on the new features and enhancements of V10. You can review a page for each AppScan solution at the following links HCL AppScan EnterpriseHCL AppScan on CloudHCL AppScan Source, and HCL AppScan Standard.
  • This is AppScan: Join our YouTube Channel, where every Tuesday at 12:00 noon EDT, our product management team presents 15-minute discussions on key AppScan topics. The sessions are streamed live and recorded for your future viewing.
  • Delivered twice a month, the Application Paranoia podcast covers topics related to Application Security DevSecOps and AppScan.  Recent podcast topics include the following: AppScan V10 and the Common Scan Engine, an introduction to HCL CodeSweep and an overview of our Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) capabilities.

Ready to Make the Move to AppScan V10? 

We encourage you to reach out to your HCL or business partner contact to learn about transitioning to AppScan V10. If you aren’t aware of the relevant contact information, then reach out to us at We would be pleased to schedule a demo of our new enhancements for you.

For technical product support information, please visit our support website:

Thank you for your business, and Go AppScan V10!

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