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AppScan V10: Empower Your Application Security Testing

These are exciting days for HCL AppScan! We’re excited to announce the release of HCL AppScan V10, your single solution for application security testing and management activity. AppScan V10 integrates directly into your software development lifecycle tools and DevOps toolchains and processes. The solution is generally available, and you can request a complimentary demo of it here.

Empower Your CISO & AppSec Teams

AppScan V10 empowers CISO and AppSec teams to effectively manage your AppSec program. AppScan V10 does so by providing those teams with full visibility into your application portfolio, security activities and overall security posture. By doing so, CISO and AppSec teams can easily advise your development teams on which vulnerabilities should be fixed first. And, the fixes that development team applies can be based upon policies and prioritization that are aligned with overall business risk.

Empower Your Development Teams

Similarly, AppScan V10 empowers developers to secure their applications with little or no disruption to development workflows. We do so by offering integrations into development tools, which accurately identify vulnerabilities early and provide the required information to easily evaluate and fix vulnerabilities.

In the remainder of my blog, we’ll spotlight key AppScan V10 enhancements in the Fast, Accurate Scanning, Secure DevOps and Enterprise Management categories:

Fast, Accurate Scanning

AppScan V10 makes your Application Security Testing faster and more accurate, by:

  • Expanding AppScan’s Artificial Intelligence capabilities to HCL AppScan Source, greatly increasing testing coverage while reducing false positives.
  • Broadening your language support, by adding new languages and permitting you to quickly add support for common and or niche languages to your testing program. We make that available through our unique BYOL (Bring Your Own Language) program.
  • Offering faster scanning across different application security testing technologies, to incrementally analyze only the latest changes.

Secure DevOps

AppScan V10 enhances your team’s Secure DevOps activities, through the following:

  • New Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST) capabilities expand your development teams’ testing options beyond Static Application Security Testing (SAST), Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Software Composition Analysis (SCA). Even better, all of those testing options are now available to you in a single application security testing solution.
  • Out-of-the-box integrations into DevOps toolchains simplify testing automation and amplify your user experience.
  • AppScan CodeSweep, a community edition plug-in, helps developers to identify vulnerabilities while working in their development environments.

Enterprise Management

Your enterprise application security management activities are enhanced by AppScan V10’s capabilities, such as:

  • Ability to prioritize which vulnerabilities your development teams should fix first, based on overall business risk. By doing so, you can focus on the most pressing vulnerabilities and remediate them first.
  • AppScan Connect, a capability that empowers organizations like yours to scale security to development teams, while maintaining auditability and governance.
  • Measure and optimize development work around security remediation with HCL UrbanCode Velocity Value Stream Enabled Security Management.

But Wait, There’s More!

Have we piqued your interest?

You can learn more about the AppScan V10 enhancements that are referred to above (and more!), by tuning into our30-day trial of HCL AppScan on Cloud now.




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