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Have you heard the news? HCLSoftware is a founding member of the new Value Stream Management Consortium (VSMC), an organization formed with the goal of advancing the adoption, standards, and innovation of value stream management (VSM). The VSMC brings together vendors, practitioners and thought leaders to be your one-stop-shop for information and education on VSM.

At HCLSoftware, we believe that value stream management is essential to advancing the practice of DevOps and helping organizations achieve their full potential. We joined the VSMC to help align the industry on VSM awareness and best practices, and to help usher in “what’s next” in DevOps.

“I think we can all recognize that value stream management is not necessarily a new concept,” said Brian Muskoff, Director of Product Management and Development for HCLSoftware DevOps. “What’s different now is we’ve solved many of the what I would describe as ‘Day 1’ problems – fundamentals around CI/CD and test automation. Many of the customers we’re working with, the leaders in the space, are looking to see what’s next, what’s in ‘Day 2.’ From our perspective, that is value stream management. We now have the technology to not just optimize in a silo, but to optimize all the way across the entire DevOps toolchain.”

The VSMC’s first order of business is level set the current state of value stream management with a research project. “The State of Value Stream Management Report” will measure how teams are applying value stream management principles, practices, and metrics to influence their value stream management. You can take the survey here. Findings will be available in early May.

VSM might still be in a grassroots phase of adoption, but experts across the industry agree that this really is the future of software development.

“When we look back five or 10 years from now, VSM is going to be alongside Agile and DevOps as a mainstay in the way we build software,” Muskoff said. “With so many different applications and ways that organizations can take advantage of value stream management, I am eager to see what shape the VSM market takes, and how we at the VSMC can help.”

Check out the resources below to learn more about the Value Stream Management Consortium and how you can become a member.

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