This year, DevOps proved to be a resilient industry, carrying on with virtual conferences, new eBooks, and product innovations. Despite the “new normal” these activities were no less meaningful or useful to digital transformation.

The DevOps Dozen Awards, organized by, honors achievements in the DevOps community. In its 6th year, the DevOps Dozen Awards have expanded to two-dozen awards broken down into two categories – Community Awards and Tools & Services Awards. The Community Awards recognize presentations, thought leaders, projects, events, and research. The Tools & Services Awards recognize CI/CD, VSM, testing, security, and mainframe vendors.

HCL Software DevOps is proud to be nominated in two of the DevOps Dozen categories – HCL Accelerate is nominated for Best Value Stream Management Tool and HCL Launch is nominated for Best CI/CD Tool. You can explore all the nominees and place your vote here, but before you do, let us plead our case for your vote.

Why HCL Accelerate is the best Value Stream Management tool of 2020

HCL Accelerate makes your DevOps work visible by unifying the data from all your software delivery tools into a single pipeline view. We’ve seen the power of HCL Accelerate in our own development teams (yes, we drink our own champagne) by eliminating the need for stand ups and finding better ways to track remote work. HCL Accelerate is completely tool agnostic, meaning it integrates with the tools you’re already using, even if they aren’t part of the HCL Software family, so you can enjoy the benefits of data-driven DevOps without having to rip and replace tooling. This year, we made the best VSM tool even better with these enhancements:

  • The swim lanes view gives you a quick and complete picture of where work stands and how much individual contributors have on their plates.
  • Rules-based gates and manual gates allow teams to shift governance left by gating upon stages in your pipeline to help you identify and reduce risk while optimizing throughput.
  • Use the plugin SDK to develop your own integrations for the tools and data you need to make insightful decisions.
  • Make more informed decisions with out-of-the-box reports and custom dashboards with industry-leading metrics.

Explore HCL Accelerate in our on-demand, interactive demo here (best viewed on desktop).

Why HCL Launch is the best CI/CD tool of 2020

With the introduction of HCL Launch in June of this year, HCL Software cemented its commitment to continually improving the tools that have been at the foundation of DevOps for decades. The great thing about HCL Launch is that it continues to evolve with the changing needs of organizations and the latest innovations in software delivery. HCL Launch offers true push-button automated deployment and can handle everything from mainframe to microservices. Some of the latest features to get added to HCL Launch this year are:

  • External approval processes allow Launch to reach out to external systems right before a deployment using our vast integration library – if the approval process fails then the deployment is prevented from running.
  • Deployment triggers automate deployments as soon as build artifacts are imported.
  • The rebuilt resource tree widget greatly improves page performance and optimization.
  • Store and modify deployments use our custom “Processes as Code” language to represent your HCL Launch processes so you can easily make and track changes to your critical deployment processes.
  • Mobile-friendly, responsive design allows you to manage deployment approvals from email notifications on any device.

Learn more about HCL Launch in this demo video.

You have until January 8th to cast your vote in the DevOps Dozen Awards. The winners will be announced at the Predict 2021 virtual conference. Head here to vote.


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