Calling the DevOps vendor landscape “large” is an understatement. The list of security, testing, CI/CD, value stream management, and modelling solutions grows every year, making selecting software for your organization a daunting task. How do you sort through all these vendors when they all claim to be the best?

I want to help clear up some vendor confusion by pointing out what really sets HCL Software DevOps apart from the rest. Yes, we offer top-of-the-line products to help you deliver better software faster, but what really makes us unique is our people and our services. Below are the factors that make HCL Software DevOps different – and better – than other DevOps software vendors.

Direct access to the technical experts and thought leaders driving “what’s next” in DevOps

When you work with HCL Software DevOps, you’re not just getting the products – you’re getting the industry experts as well. Our leadership includes many well-regarded and sought-after speakers, consultants, and technical leaders who started in the DevOps movement almost two decades ago and lead the “Day 2 DevOps” conversation. HCL engineers, product managers, and technical writers all contribute to advancing the state of DevOps. We’re committed to creating a large library of content assets including product documentation, blogs, videos, and custom how-to documents to help you advance along your DevOps journey.

Commitment to innovations drives a packed product roadmap

HCL has already invested millions of dollars into innovating new functionality for the HCL Software DevOps portfolio above and beyond its origin – and that’s just the beginning. With HCL Software DevOps, you get all the latest product enhancements and exclusive functionality only available through HCL.

Offerings, pricing, and relationships

The way customers can engage with our powerful DevOps products provides an intuitive, customer-first approach. We’ve introduced straightforward, easy-to-understand pricing models (like the DevOps Power Pack) for more flexible and quick-start options. Plus, HCL Software’s sales force is closely tied to product development, so you’re connected with the team building the products you use.

Programs dedicated to ensuring your success

We believe in building relationships beyond the contract. Our Advisory and Adoption team of industry experts engage early in the relationship to ensure our solutions achieve your business goals. Our Customer Advocate program opens up our lab SMEs to you, allowing for direct interaction and successful adoption and making migration to new solutions quick and easy.


These relationships and resources that come with our leading DevOps solutions make your development initiatives smooth, secure, and successful. Want to see our software in action? Request a demo here.

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