“Dynamic Swim Lanes” is a new, amazing feature released in HCL Accelerate 2.3 that allows teams to get a macro level view of everything happening across different dimensions. With this enhanced version of swim lanes, you can view work by:

  • Owner
  • Priority
  • Type
  • Release
  • Sprint
  • Epic

Dynamic swim lanes help with risk analysis, retrospective views, discussions with the business, identifying bottlenecks, focusing on the right items, and so much more. Combine this with the filtering and search ability to home in on any item.

hcl accelerate dynamic swim lanes

In HCL Accelerate 2.3, we also added some really nice enhancements such as collapsible phases, the ability to click the row to see all dots, the ability to pin a row at the top, and more! Let’s look at some common pain points the new dynamic swim lanes can solve for you.

Are we going to hit the date?

Most development teams have faced this issue – they knew the priority of big items such as an Epic, but no one knew how it was going. This usually meant a status meeting, or worse – not calling out risk until it was too late and having to push out the release. Some tools provide a very limited view of this data but compiling it across many moving parts is nearly impossible. Save time by using the new dynamic swim lane feature in HCL Accelerate. This allows any user to see exactly what just got done, what is currently being worked on, and what is next by different dimensions. Being able to have a higher-level picture lets anyone evaluate risk and make the next best decision.

Are we working on too much?

If you’ve had this question, you are not alone! Value streams are composites of many micro pieces of value that deliver a big outcome to customers. Since we can aggregate all this micro data in HCL Accelerate, it unlocks an unmatched view of the pipeline. Being able to look at the last quarter and everything the team was working on is shocking! One of our customers found out they were working on 14 Epics a quarter, which lead to no single piece getting done and a lot of half or descoped Epics. The customer was able to use dynamic swim lanes to align the business and team to only focus on a few Epics to make a better outcome for the customer.

Are we working on the highest priority item?

By clicking on the “priority” swim lane you will instantly see where the highest priority items are, allowing for much deeper conversation in stand ups. Managers can now easily make sure that critical bug for their customer is getting the attention it needs, and can ensure the low priority items are not getting done first.

Want to see dynamic swim lanes and the other new features of HCL Accelerate 2.3 in action? Join our webinar to see a live demo!

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