Many organizations have had to suddenly pivot to working from home. If you’re not properly set up for this, or if you’re not used to working with distributed teams, this can be challenging. At HCL, we want to help alleviate some of this stress. The community edition of our value stream management tool, HCL Accelerate, is available to download and use now for free. Our DevOps experts are available for virtual demos to walk you through HCL Accelerate set up. Head here to get started.

When you shift from in-person teams to distributed teams, your biggest concerns are likely around communications and productivity. HCL Accelerate helps with both by collecting the data from all your DevOps tools into one place so you can easily spot bottlenecks, catch slowdowns, and see shifts in performance. But HCL Accelerate isn’t an employee monitoring tool – it actually allows you to put more trust in your teams to work independently while keeping a pulse on the metrics that matter to your organization. For individual contributors, HCL Accelerate helps you to keep up with the work assigned to you and keep pace with the work being done across teams. For managers, HCL Accelerate will help you show how work-from-home affects productivity at scale, make adjustments, and easily report status updates to stakeholders.

Communication within and between teams can improve when you have all your data in one place with HCL Accelerate. By giving everyone on your software delivery team access to the same data, you create equity of information so everyone can make better, more informed decisions in their work. Since working from home eliminates group stand-up meetings and swinging by a coworker’s desk for info, having all your project data easily accessible is essential.

As with most software, it’s easier to show than tell. We can easily give you a demo of HCL Accelerate via web conference – request one here. Or if you’re ready to get started, get your free community edition of HCL Accelerate now.

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