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Research & advisory firm, Gartner, recently released an infographic outlining the top 10 technology trends impacting DevOps (you can view the infographic here if you have a Gartner subscription). This infographic serves as a roadmap for digital transformation efforts to improve product, platform, and governance. Within our HCLSoftware DevOps group, we’ve been discussing the practical application of these trends and why they matter. Read on for our take on some of the Gartner tech trends impacting DevOps.

Agile Product Delivery

Gartner wrote: “Continuous delivery of valuable software is achieved with Agile practices that include continuous integration, continuous testing, feature flag management and continuous monitoring.”

HCLSoftware DevOps says: Having the right automation tools in place is key to agile product delivery for your organization. Identify all the manual processes in your current software delivery pipeline – everything from sending approvals via email to telling your system when to run a test can be streamlined and improved with the right tools. The more processes you can automate, the more time you can give to your teams to focus on delivering business results.

Tools that support this trend: HCL Launch, HCL OneTest, HCL Accelerate, HCL Compass

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Continuous Quality

Gartner says: “Continuous quality expands the idea of quality assurance to a set of continuous activities spanning prevention, detection and recoverability from functional and nonfunctional defects.”

HCLSoftware DevOps says: Establishing a repeatable delivery pipeline is “day 1 DevOps” but incorporating continuous quality is a hallmark of a mature “day 2 DevOps” pipeline. Testing shouldn’t be exclusive to specific parts of the software delivery process. Testing should happen often throughout development to make ensure quality, spot issues early, and speed progress.

Tools that support this trend: HCL OneTest, HCL Accelerate

Continuous Compliance Automation

Gartner says: “Continuous compliance automation helps mitigate risks by discovering and detecting compliance violations, automating policy enforcement and reporting and remediating vulnerabilities.”

HCLSoftware DevOps says: Notice a trend in these trends? The driving force behind many of these initiatives is security, compliance, and quality. In a mature DevOps organization, no one can say that governance is someone else’s job. Ensuring compliance starts with how you assign access, roles, and responsibilities within your organization. The tools you use across your DevOps pipeline need to work together to enforce quality gates, maintain policy as code, and report on inconsistencies. Investing in proven security and compliance automation tools that can span across your workflow is key to staying competitive and making sure your organization is not at the center of the next big security breach.

Tools that support this trend: HCL Accelerate

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Value Stream Engineering

Gartner says: “Avoid local optimization and take a system-level approach to improve the flow of customer value.”

HCLSoftware DevOps says: This trend encompasses all the other trends. And if we can toot our own horn for a second, it’s a trend we’ve been talking about for a couple years now, making us sort of trend setters. Value stream management unifies data from your DevOps pipeline so you can take a holistic look at performance and strategy. VSM is key to building a data-based DevOps environment and an organizational culture around trust and communication. Organizations that get on the VSM trend now will be miles ahead of the competition in no time. Can you afford to be left behind? Our mission at HCLSoftware DevOps is to empower product teams to improve software delivery performance by providing the right data at the right time.

Tools that support this trend: HCL Accelerate


What trends would you add to Gartner’s list? Let us know in the comments!

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