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HCL Accelerate is building the future of Value Stream Management now! With the release of HCL Accelerate 2.1, you are going to see our continuous improvement and delivery of bleeding edge features in this market. Our customers feedback and deep market analysis has allowed us to stay lasered focus on the key value areas in VSM. Make sure you upgrade your HCL Accelerate to get the latest features outlined below. If you don’t use HCL Accelerate yet, you can get started with it today by checking out the free Community Edition here. 

Automate Governance with Data-Driven Intelligence 

  • Automated Rule Based Gates – Leverage Security and Quality data integrations to govern across multiple applications in a single pipeline with automated rule-based gates. You can now utilize the Auto-Promote feature to move builds to lower environments seamlessly with hybrid centralized full control CI/CD systems. 
  • Open Pipeline  The hallmark of HCL Accelerate is the pipeline view – that single source of truth into the who/what/when/where of your SDLC. Now in 2.1, get even better visibility from build to production with a truly open pipeline that connects with market-leading deploy tools, including HCL Launch and Azure DevOps. Plus, the pipeline view now has 70% faster load times so you can always have up-to-the-minute insight into work. 

Make Work Visible and Predictable 

  • New Value Stream Metrics – See exactly how flow is happening and what the optimal numbers should be to deliver the most value to your customers with these three metrics – LoadThroughput and DistributionIn 2.1, these metrics are supported not only in Dashboards to see the trends over time, but you can also make them quickly accessible for your entire team via the metrics bar in their value stream. 
  • Enhanced Reporting  The new State of Sprint report will now leverage metrics like Velocity and incorporate key information like contributors and pointed vs un-pointed charts. Also new to 2.1 is the ability to run a security audit with one click to quickly see who has what permissions in your instance of HCL Accelerate. 
  • Views that answer questions – You can now “Favorite value streams for quick check-ins and comparisons of key metrics across projects and teams. Home in on your Dots” or work items and visualize exactly how the sprint is progressing with the expansion of the DevOps query language issue.sprints.active=true 

Rapid Time to Value 

  • Available on HCLSoftware Factory (SoFy) – HCL Accelerate is now available on HCLSoftware Factory (SoFy). SoFy is a catalog of Kubernetes enabled products as docker images and helm charts, hosted in a cloud-native registry. Request more information about how SoFy can streamline your solutions here 
  • Multiple performance and stability improvements – We strive to continuously improve performance and stability. This release cycle was no different. Review our cumulative release notes here for technical details:  

Small Enhancements: 

  • Release Orchestration Improvements  – Various improvements and bug fixes have been made to the release functionality. This includes improvements to release participant viewing, better display of information, and small enhancements to release locking. 
  • New Plugin for Jenkins Server (Plugin Version v2.1.0)HCL Accelerate v2.1.0 will require usage of a new and improved v2.1.0 plugin for the Jenkins server.
  • Multiple New HCL Accelerate Plugins
    • Black Duck 
    • HCL Compass 
    • Azure DevOps 
    • HCL Launch 
    • More to come! Check out Docker Hub 
  • More data with your existing plugins 
    • Plugin image versions are now clearly displayed from the UI 
    • Azure Devops PluginAllow another branch aside from master to be tracked for commits  
    • SonarQube PluginUpload metrics that link to correct builds 
    • ServiceNow plugin: Pull problem data along with changes and incidents 
    • Proxy support enabled for Github plugin 
    • Fixed latest versions of all parser plugins which were broken and all documentation were updated 
  • New Pipeline Designer RoleThis new role has privileges tailored to allow pipeline edits but prevent execution.
  • Improved Listing of UsersA new single users list can be used to view LDAP, SSO, and local users. 

 See all these new features in action during our webinar on Thursday, October 8 at 2pm EDT. Even if you can’t make it, sign up and we’ll send you the recording. Click here to register.

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