You like the software you’re familiar with, or you’re part of a company with a long history of using open source tools – we get it. But we can still make your job easier and your teams more collaborative. HCL Software DevOps solutions complement your current development software ecosystem. How do we make open source better? By adding the elements you need to run faster and grow bigger, like governance, visibility, and enterprise scale.

Our ultimate track-and-see-everything-in-your-value-stream tool, HCL Accelerate, sits on top of your DevOps ecosystem to give you insight and governance like never before. No matter what’s in your toolchain – open source or not – HCL Accelerate can provide you with the metrics you need to spot bottlenecks, improve teams, and increase business value.

accelerate custom pluginsA major benefit of HCL Accelerate is that it aggregates data from all your DevOps tools so you can easily interpret your pipeline for those in your business who are less familiar with the tools you’re using. For example, if you’re a developer using Jenkins, you know the ins and outs of that tool like the back of your hand. But since Jenkins is open source, it doesn’t have a very polished UI and it’s not easy for a manager to dig through and find the info they need. HCL Accelerate provides that user-friendly layer to analyse the data in a single view for someone who isn’t familiar with your open-source tools.

Open source can be great for very niche applications, and of course, saving money. But open source often misses important elements like security and support. HCL Accelerate can fill this gap by adding governance, compliance, and reporting across your open source tools. With features like release orchestration and intelligent gating, HCL Accelerate does a great job of puppeteering open source tools. For example, HCL Accelerate can be used to configure secure, gated releases in Jenkins so you can be sure that no one can accidentally release something early or release the wrong build. By adding security features and combining your pipeline data into a single view, HCL Accelerate gives your teams the freedom to use the tools that are right for them.

We know that a “rip-and-replace” approach to software delivery tools is not always ideal, but organizational growth demands upgrades. That’s why HCL Accelerate is built to integrate with your existing toolset so you can give your teams the freedom to use the tools that are right for them while providing visibility and security to key stakeholders. Try HCL Accelerate for yourself with our free community edition – click here to download it now.

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