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Secure DevOps, DevSecOps, SecDevOps. These are all popular terms in software development that essentially mean the same thing – security is integral to your development operations and the further you can shift security left, the better off your organization will be in terms of cost and quality.

Adding security earlier in the SDLC can seem like a heavy lift, but with the right tools and strategy in place, it can be a seamless adjustment. Plus, the benefits of improved governance and resource management far outweigh the efforts of taking a secure DevOps approach.

To show you exactly what a secure DevOps pipeline looks like, we’ve created the below demo. In it, you’ll see how our automated testing, value stream management, continuous delivery, and security scanning solutions work in concert to solve business agility issues.

Want a more in-depth demo? Email us at DevOpsInfo@hcl.com.

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