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Five years ago, the HCLSoftware team imagined a future where our software products could be deployed in minutes into dynamic public, private, and hybrid clouds. Now, we’ve reached that point with the launch of HCL SoFy and HCL Now, and the HCLSoftware DevOps group is excited to be part of this cloud-native transformation. Some highlights for our customers include: 

  • Our value stream management, automated testing, change management, and continuous delivery solutions now support the latest cloud standards. 
  • 2,000+ REST API endpoints make it easy for developers to extend, integrate, and customize mission-critical enterprise systems. 
  • You can try before you buy with self-service, cloud-delivered demos and trials of our DevOps software. 

That last point is especially valuable if you want to get hands-on experience with our DevOps solutions to see how they work with your existing DevOps pipeline. Using HCL SoFy, HCLSoftware customers and partners can get a trial of HCL Accelerate, HCL Launch, HCL Compass, or HCL OneTest in seconds. Just follow these steps: 

  • Go to hclsofy.com and click “Request Access”. Once your request has been approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email with SoFy login information. 
  • Login to SoFy and head to the catalog to select the software you want to try. It’s just like online shopping, but everything is free. 
  • Add as many products as you’d like then click “create” to instantly build a solution that can be deployed in a sandbox or locally. Your SoFy solution will be active for up to 30 days. 

If you are not an HCLSoftware customer or partner, you can still get access to SoFy. Start by requesting a demo here 

hcl software devops sofy

By deploying a solution into the SoFy sandbox, you’ll get pre-populated data so you can play around with the solution without needing to enter your own data, allowing you to dive right into the software experience. Currently, these demos exist in SoFy for our HCLSoftware DevOps solutions: 

  • HCL Accelerate 
    • Value stream bottleneck detection 
    • Where’s my epic? 
    • Where’s my code? 
    • KPIs: Work item, deploy, testing insights 
  • HCL Launch 
    • Storefront sign-in change 
  • HCL OneTest
    • Test storefront changes for UI, API, and performance testing 
  • HCL Compass 
    • Defect management system 
    • HCL Commerce dev team using SAFe 

You can also download the solutions locally to try our DevOps software with your own data. Plus, we’re always available if you want one-on-one support. Our team of DevOps experts are great at explaining best practices and creating a strategy that supports your unique organization. 

Want a more managed approach to your cloud-native solutions? We have you covered with HCL Now, our cloud-native-as-a-service solution that gives you dedicated, secure environments deployed and managed on your public cloud of choice. HCL Now ensures you have the latest version of our HCLSoftware DevOps solutions and dedicated, expert management, all with the flexibility, scale, and convenience of the cloud.  

All our DevOps solutions are available on HCL Now on demand, but HCL OneTest Performance on HCL Now is especially useful for HCL Commerce users who want to make testing easy. With this setup, we provide you with a turnkey testing solution that includes infrastructure management, product upgrade and support, and security and privacy control maintenance. That means you can get started faster and keep costs low by easily testing real life peak loads without investing in new infrastructure. 

It’s time to take your DevOps journey to the cloud. Join our webinar on September 16 at 12pm ET to learn how HCL Now unlocks the full potential of our DevOps solutions on the cloud-native platform of your choice. Register here. 

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