In this post we want to add some explanations to two hot topics. The first topic is the Java version compatibility and support, the second which release stream of HCL Launch is on the security fixpack stream.

Java version compatibility

In the HCL Launch announcement, we announced that Java 8 will be end of support in June 2022. This change impacts differently for customers on different HCL Launch 7.x versions. Here, we explain how this will impact customers and what must you do after June 2022.

Key points:

HCL Launch (that time knows as HCL Urbancode Deploy) version is  7.0.0 – 7.0.1.x

  • Java support issues are handled on best effort basis
  • No support of Java 11 or 17 available

Important: It is suggested that you must plan to migrate to a version greater than HCL Launch 7.0.2.x (preferably to 7.0.5.x) to be able to use fully supported Java 11.

HCL Launch version is 7.0.2.x – 7.2.2.x

  • If you are on Java 8, java support issues are handled on best effort basis
  • Java 11 is fully supported
  • Java 17 is not supported

HCL Launch version is 7.2.3 (planned release June 2022) or after

  • Java 8 is not supported
  • Java 11 is fully supported
  • Java 17 will be fully supported

HCL Launch uses the java keystore for encryption of secured properties. So if you are going to upgrade to a JRE from a different vendor, it will make this keystore not decryptable. Starting from, product has the ability to convert keystores.  But if you are on a version, before, HCL Launch documentation talks about how to convert the keystore. “The new JRE must be from the same vendor as the current JRE. If you want to change the JRE vendor, contact support to obtain the KeystoreConverter tool.” ( Please note that, even if you are upgrading from IBM Java 8 to IBM Semeru Java 11, that is an equivalent of a different vendor migration.)

In this case just open a new support case using the HCL Software support page and you will get back the information how to access this tool and the documentation for it.

Security Fixpacks

HCL Launch provides security fixpacks for all the supported releases. Customers are encouraged to migrate to their corresponding fixpack stream to make sure they can patch the security vulnerabilities as soon as the fixpacks are released.

  • For 7.0.* update to the 7.0.5.x security fixpack stream
  • For 7.1.* update to the 7.1.2.x security fixpack stream
  • If you are on 7.2.*, this is the current stream, so latest version of the stream will have all the security patches.
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