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Secure DevOps | March 8, 2021
The truth is in the Dots: Clearing bottlenecks with HCL Accelerate
Learn how value stream management platform, HCL Accelerate, helps teams identify and clear bottlenecks in the DevOps pipeline.
Secure DevOps | February 25, 2021
Accelerating Flow across an SAP Pipeline
Learn how HCL Software DevOps solutions, integrated with Jira and SAP ChaRM, deliver an integrated end-to-end solution eliminating many common limitations.
Secure DevOps | February 15, 2021
Tech trends impacting DevOps, and what they mean for you
Get the HCL Software DevOps take on some of the Gartner tech trends impacting DevOps, including security and value stream management.
Secure DevOps | February 10, 2021
What are the long-term benefits of value stream management? 
A good value stream management tool is most beneficial as a long-term strategy device. Let’s explore what happens after 5-10 years of using VSM.
Secure DevOps | February 4, 2021
Demo: Value Stream Management for SAP Development
Learn how HCL Accelerate can help your organization optimize your SAP and non-SAP development process to realize business objectives faster.
Secure DevOps | February 2, 2021
What happens in the first 6 months of using value stream management?
Find out how your DevOps strategy can transform after six months of using a value stream management platform like HCL Accelerate.

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